September 2019 News & Events

We're back for your monthly forecast into the recent past and pending future of all things Widespread Haze. In this chapter, we revisit our tasty gig at Draper Draft House, get lost in the woods at a conveniently photogenic patio performance, commit our original music to tape at the renowned  Gung-Ho Studio, revisit the first bar we ever played for our final gig before our EP release show, and get hit with devastating news. Join us, and continue the saga.

Draper Draft House - a downtown Roseburg essential for sour beer and sweet conversation. Though everyone in the band is quite familiar with Draper, August 16th was the first time we played there as The Haze, and we look forward to doing it again! Good vibes, great beer, and awesome acoustics made for a groovy time at this downtown hub.


Friday, August 30th lead us deep into the Melrose woods, far outside the reaches of GPS navigation, for a private patio party with an epic view. We rock n' rolled into the sunset, capturing some great photos and videos along the way, then ended the night with some amazing wine, cheese, and homemade food from our friends, family, and fans.


September was a roller coaster of a month with some rough news inside Widespread Haze and in our Roseburg music community. We received the devastating news that our lead guitar player and great friend, Scott Rifenbark is going through a new battle with Mantle Cell Lymphoma. He is at OHSU for a few weeks to start treatments. We're all confident that he will kick this cancer's ass and he remains positive of that too. Please send all your positive vibes his way and help cheer him on while he battles this monster. A few short days later we received news that a much loved staple in our Roseburg music community, Shasta Ray, passed away suddenly. Shasta was an integral part of promoting live music and arts in the Roseburg area, and a friend. Shasta was an advocate to Widespread Haze and booked some of our first shows in the area. All of our love to his family and friends who will miss him dearly. His celebration of life is scheduled for Thursday, September 26 from 5pm - 8pm at Oran Mor.

Outside of the shocking bad news, September was the month we'd all been waiting for. The songs had been written, the arrangements had been made, and it was finally time to record them. We pile into the caravan with all our gear, and make our way north to Gung-Ho Studio near Eugene, Oregon. From the outside, the studio looks modest- a converted garage in the middle of the woods, surrounded by friendly goats and comic-strip clippings. But on the other side of the studio doors, a Narnia of vintage recording gear and soul-worn instruments floods the senses with good vibes. Billy Barnett is the wizard behind the curtain of countless amazing albums, and this is his domain.


We set up our gear in a myriad of isolation booths while Billy hand-picks microphones for our individual needs. A quick lunch break and the tapes are rolling, and before we know it our first original song is etched in time and space. We record live, like a performance, capturing the raw energy and excitement that binds us together on stage. Billy bounces around the control room, turning knobs and riding faders with pilot precision. His talent to always know what is missing is uncanny, and it eventually leads him to bring his kitchen's silverware tray into the studio for a surprising guest "concussion" performance. It's 7pm on Wednesday, and the tracking is complete. Six original songs tracked in two memorable days: Phase one of recording is complete.


One year ago, Widespread Haze was barely more than a conversation among friends about Elvis. On September 13, 2018, we played our first show ever at the Deathtrap Dive Bar in Downtown Roseburg, never once imagining that we would have a 6-song EP on the way one year later. This month, we went back to our roots, revisiting the Deathtrap with new songs and a new perspective. This was our last local show until our EP Release show this Halloween (October 31st at North Forty, save the date!), so bring your dancing shoes!

Kristi Rifenbark